Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

We develop knowledge and educate and inspire future leaders to positively influence the aging process and to advocate for older adults, their caregivers, and the communities in which they live.

Core Values

We are the primary provider of expert gerontological education in Nebraska with a global impact. We provide essential teaching, training, and service opportunities for students who aspire to careers in the field of aging through research, practice, and engagement.

Core Purpose

  1. Through our on campus and online degrees, we develop graduates to be leaders in the field of aging.
  2. Our alumni bring unique age-sensitive solutions to the marketplace in areas such as business and industry, government, higher education, and other emerging fields.
  3. We develop relationships with our alumni, fostering a community aging network that is both local and global.
  4. We design and disseminate innovative research that is imperative for current and future aging opportunities.
  5. Through community outreach, we enhance the ability of those working with older adults to understand, serve, and advocate for the aging population.