Graduate Programs

Gerontology and Law

The UNO Department of Gerontology and the UN-L College of Law offer a dual degree in gerontology and law to meet the needs of aging adults and their families.

Degree Options

Master of Arts in Gerontology and Juris Doctor (J.D.)
Master of Arts in Gerontology and Master of Legal Studies
Graduate Certificate in Gerontology and Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Application Process

Contact Lindsay Wilkinson, Ph.D., at or 402-554-6632 to discuss interest in the dual degree program. 

Apply to and comply with the application requirements of both the UN-L College of Law and UNO Graduate Studies.

Law Courses Required for Dual Degree

In addition to the first-year curriculum and upper-division requirements, law students much complete:

Elder Law (3 hours)
Wills and Trusts (3 hours)
Individual Income Tax (4 hours)
Estate Planning (3 hours)
One of: Law and Medicine or Law of Patient and Provider or Bioethics (3 hours)

Gerontology Courses Required for Joint Degree Students

To complete the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology students must complete 15 credit hours of coursework and a 3 credit hour practicum of real-world experience in an aging related setting. 

Applied Social Gerontology (3 hours)
Seminar in Aging and Human Behavior (3 hours)
Programs and Services for the Elderly (3 hours)
Graduate Seminar in Statistical Applications (3 hours)
Practicum (3 hours) - for Certificate or non-thesis master's degree
Thesis (6 hours) - for thesis master's degree